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Rich schools to get richer under spending plans

Garry Tue 16 Nov 2010 07:00

Despite coalition claims to have protected budgets in England, research shows funding per pupil to fall by 2.4% in real terms

Schools in better-off neighbourhoods are expected to be the winners under coalition plans for education spending, which will see money shifting from councils in "more deprived" areas to richer ones, according to research published today.

Despite government claims to have protected school budgets in England, the research also shows the real levels of funding per pupil will fall by around 2.4% because of a demographic bulge that will see greater numbers of primary-age children in coming years.

The analysis by the House of Commons library states: "Real levels of per pupil funding will fall … this is because projected increases in pupil numbers are greater than the real increase in funding."

While funding will shift from councils in more deprived areas to better-off ones, schools in those areas with a poorer intake will gain the most because they will benefit from extra money under the pupil premium. The premium, a key pledge in the Lib Dem manifesto, is due to be introduced next year to tackle under-achievement among poorer children.  Read more... (The Guardian - 15 November)