'Championing the rights of children'

Teachers' performance pay on pupil progress

Garry Thu 18 Apr 2013 09:06

Pupils' progress and behaviour are to be used to assess teachers' suitability for performance pay.

Schools in England have been sent guidelines from the Department for Education on how to appraise teachers for performance pay from September.

Annual incremental increases in teachers' pay are being scrapped.

The National Union of Teachers says it "deplores" the plan and there is no evidence that performance pay will raise standards.

Teachers' pay rises have previously reflected length of service, but there will now be a stronger link between achievement and pay progression.

Rewarding teachers
The government argues that raising the quality of teaching is the key to improving results.

Performance-related measures have already been in place for teachers wanting to access higher pay scales. But this will now be applied more widely, with more flexibility over pay levels and progress linked to annual appraisals.

The first payments under the new system will be made from September 2014.

The advice from the Department for Education sets out how teachers' performance might be measured.

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