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Teachers' pay rise 'will spell cuts'

Garry Fri 13 Mar 2015 08:24

Teaching unions have reacted angrily to a new pay deal, under which England's top teachers could get up to 2% rises.

The Department for Education published recommendations for the settlement in England, within the 1% pay limit agreed by ministers in 2012.

The deal means schools will be able to award the most deserving teachers more, but only out of existing budgets.

But teaching unions said as there was no extra money, many teachers would not get the standard 1% rise at all.

In its submission to government, the School Teachers Review Body said evidence presented to it confirmed the need for a pay rise to support the competitiveness of the profession.

'Best intentions'
It said its recommendations had been made amid a "challenging climate for schools, with tight budgets, demographics driving up pupil numbers and an increasingly competitive graduate labour market".

Christine Blower, general secretary of the NUT, said: "The STRB has acknowledged the NUT's concerns about teacher supply.

"It told the government very clearly that schools are having problems recruiting NQTs [newly qualified teachers] and experienced teachers alike.

"The STRB also sent a clear signal that it would have increased teachers' pay by more, if the government were willing to fund it."

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