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‘The School Revolution’: how reforms are transforming schools

Garry Fri 11 Jul 2014 08:10

The Department for Education has published a new film detailing the education reforms that are transforming schools in England.

The Department for Education today published a film detailing the key education reforms over the last 4 years that are transforming the schools landscape in England.

The film - titled ‘The School Revolution’ - features comment by headteachers, teachers, governors and educationalists who have played leading roles in ushering in the reforms or who have been on the frontline and witnessed first-hand the benefits they have already had.

They include:

  • Liam Nolan and Jacqui Powell, from the Perry Beeches Academy Trust in Birmingham
  • John Townsley, David Morgan and Steve Burt from the Gorse Academies Trust in Leeds
  • Max Haimendorf, the secondary headteacher at King Solomon Academy in London
  • Natalie Evans, of the New Schools Network
  • Dr Sue Attard, from Hatfield Community Free School
  • Dan Abramson, from King’s College Maths Free School
  • Elizabeth Haddock, from Atherton Community School
  • Dr Bill Mitchell, of BCS (the Chartered Institute for IT)
  • Professor Alison Wolf CBE, of King’s College London
  • Amanda Spielman, of Ofqual, discussing the reforms to the qualifications system

The participants tell how great heads and teachers now have more freedom to innovate, spread their excellence and use their energy, talent and skills in different ways, including through the accelerated academies programme and through free schools.

It outlines how the school structure is now underpinned by self-improvement and collaboration, where professionals helping, supporting and training each other, including through schemes like School Direct, whereby schools can now train their own recruits, and teaching schools.

And there is also comment on how the expensive and time-consuming Building Schools for the Future (BSF) programme has been replaced by a far more cost-effective and quicker approach to new or refurbished school projects.

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