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PE and sport premium: more children benefiting from school sport

Garry Tue 09 Sep 2014 18:21

New research has shown the government’s £150 million a year PE and sport premium is helping to improve primary school sports provision.

Nine out of 10 primary schools have improved the quality of PE lessons thanks to the £150 million PE and sport premium, new research has shown.

The fund, introduced in 2013, goes directly to primary school headteachers who can use it however they want, to provide PE and sporting activities for pupils.

Today’s (9 September 2014) figures show that schools are getting real value for money, helping more children get active and healthy, and learning the confidence and skills that will help them to succeed in life.

Schools have used the money to recruit more PE teachers and sports specialists to improve the quality of lessons or after-school clubs, buy new equipment, offer a wider selection of sports and free after-school clubs.

The findings include:

  • 91% of schools reported an increase in the quality of PE teaching thanks to the funding, with the remainder reporting quality remained the same
  • 96% of schools reported improvements in pupils’ physical fitness, 93% saw improvements in behaviour, and 96% thought the funding had contributed to a healthier lifestyle for their pupils
  • the proportion of schools using specialist PE teachers in lessons rose from 22% to 54%
  • schools with a high proportion of free school meals (FSM) pupils were more likely to report improvements - 51% of schools with more than a quarter of FSM pupils reported an increase in available facilities compared to 39% of schools with the lowest level of FSM
  • 84% of schools reported an increase in pupil engagement with PE during school time and 83% saw an increase in participation in after-school clubs
  • around three quarters of schools used the premium to buy new equipment (76%) or provide more after-school sports clubs (74%)
  • more than two thirds of schools (67%) increased the number of sports offered during lessons with 77% increasing the sports on offer during after-school clubs
  • 63% of schools had increased the amount of competitive sport they play with other schools
  • a third of schools used the premium to reduce the costs of after schools clubs while a fifth made some clubs completely free to attend

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