'Championing the rights of children'

Schools 'will reject requirement to teach EBacc to all'

Garry Thu 18 Jun 2015 07:53

Many head teachers in England will refuse to teach five traditional GCSE subjects to all pupils, a director of a prominent education body has said.

Bill Watkin, operational director of the school support and training body SSAT, said many heads felt the EBacc was not appropriate for all youngsters.

It comes as Education Secretary Nicky Morgan confirmed pupils would have to study the EBacc from September.

She said the move would ensure pupils received a rigorous academic education.

'Academic grounding'
From September, all pupils will have to study English, a language, maths, science and history or geography at GCSE, in the EBacc.

Those schools that do not have 100% of pupils studying this set of subjects as part of their GCSE courses will not be able to obtain Ofsted's top rating of "outstanding".

The government said the wraparound qualification had been introduced to ensure pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds were not deterred from studying academic subjects.

A Department for Education spokeswoman said: "As part of our commitment to delivering real social justice, we are determined to ensure that every child who is able studies the core academic subjects that will set them up for later life and help them reach their potential.

"We will work with the sector to make sure there are enough teachers with the right skills and knowledge to allow pupils to study EBacc subjects at GCSE.

"Teaching remains a popular career and we provide bursaries for those training to teach many of the EBacc subjects."

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