'Championing the rights of children'

Theresa May raises school extremism questions

Garry Wed 04 Jun 2014 12:25

Concerns about the Department for Education's handling of allegations of extremism in Birmingham schools have been raised by Theresa May.

The Home Secretary has asked Michael Gove about claims his department was aware of allegations in 2010 and Birmingham Council two years earlier.

But Education Secretary Mr Gove believes the Home Office is not doing enough on extremism, a report said.

Mr Gove and Mrs May have pledged that they are working together on the issue.

'Someone else's problem'
In a letter, Mrs May said: "The allegations relating to schools in Birmingham raise serious questions about the quality of school governance and oversight arrangements."

She added: "Is it true that Birmingham City Council was warned about these allegations in 2008? Is it true that the Department for Education was warned in 2010? If so, why did nobody act?"

Mr Gove believes there has been a plot by extremist Muslims to take over schools in Birmingham, according to The Times.

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