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Keep reading with your children, parents urged

Garry Tue 17 Sep 2013 07:47

Parents should continue reading with their children throughout primary school, urges a report.

Too many parents ditch the daily reading habit once their child reaches the age of seven, according to research for Oxford University Press.

Some 44% of 1,000 parents of 6- to 11-year-olds polled said they rarely or never read with their child after their seventh birthday.

Former primary head James Clements said reading for pleasure was "vital".

The report includes a series of tips for parents from Mr Clements on how to keep pupils engaged with reading throughout primary school.

These include choosing as wide a variety of books as possible, taking it in turns to read, talking about the book and making sure the child understands any new or unusual words.

"It's a real shame that parents don't realise that just 10 minutes of reading with their child each day is one of the best ways they can support their education", said Mr Clements.

"Reading together six days a week means an extra hour of support for a child.

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