'Championing the rights of children'

Suffolk pupils 'at risk' at unregistered tuition centres

Garry Thu 25 Jul 2013 07:41

Children excluded from Suffolk schools are being put at risk in unregistered education centres, it is claimed.

Serious incidents, such as a child stamping on another's head and a rope being placed around another's neck, have not been reported, say staff.

Unregistered centres are neither known to, nor inspected by Ofsted, the education watchdog.

Suffolk County Council admits it has nine unregistered centres but denies children there are unsafe.

The authority said all the centres would be registered by October and stated it took the issue of safeguarding extremely seriously.

'Threatened with gun'
In an email seen by the BBC, the Department for Education (DfE) admitted this meant Ofsted had been unable to offer assurance that safeguarding standards were being met.

BBC Look East began investigating after a member of staff at one centre was alleged to have threatened a pupil with a gun in March.

Police investigated and searched the staff member's home, seizing a decommissioned antique weapon.

The member of staff was questioned and given "words of advice" but no further action was taken.

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