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Labour would reverse Gove's A-level plan

Garry Sat 04 May 2013 08:18

Labour will reverse many of the coalition's changes to A-levels if it wins the next election, shadow schools minister Kevin Brennan has told England's exam regulator.

In a letter to Ofqual, Mr Brennan said Labour could not support "a policy that undermines both rigour and equity".

The current system, where AS-levels count towards full A-levels, is due to end in 2015 under government plans.

A government spokeswoman said that the changes would "enhance A-levels".

Education Secretary Michael Gove has announced that from September 2015 all A-Levels will depend on linear exams taken after two years in the sixth form.

AS-levels will still exist but as standalone exams.

Clear signal
Mr Brennan, writing to the chief exams regulator, Glenys Stacey, said "the weight of opposition" to decoupling the two sets of qualifications was "overwhelming".

He said the move would narrow students' A-level choices, remove a key indicator for assessing university applicants and undermine progress in widening access to higher education.

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