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Harrow School hires its first female house master

Garry Thu 29 May 2014 11:52

Harrow School, one of Britain's leading independent schools, appoints first female house master for The Knoll boarding house.

With a new year of school boys joining Harrow in September, Mandrake hears any unruly pupils are likely to meet their match in the school’s newest recruit.

The independent school has appointed its first ever female house master, Dr Susannah Abbott.

Abbott, who is currently the Assistant House Master of Rendalls, will replace Dr Eric Sie and takeover The Knoll in September.

In her duties in the position, she will be in charge of the supervision and care of boarders at the house. The Knoll, which opened in 1870 under Reginald Bosworth Smith, prides itself on having a “supportive yet disciplined culture” where boys are expected to exhibit good manners, honesty, courtesy for other people.

Abbott, who has two children with her Harrow-born barrister husband Ian McKim, has history with the school. She is a member of the history department and a lead GCSE examiner for the CIE board.

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