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Primary school places revealed as squeeze continues

Garry Wed 16 Apr 2014 09:16

Families will be told whether they have their preferred primary school place
Parents will find out whether they have got their preferred primary school place, as for the first time a National Offer Day allocates places across England on the same day.

Primary places have been put under increasing pressure, with many schools adding extra classes to keep pace with a fast-rising birth rate.

Between 2012 and 2013, primary pupil numbers grew by almost 100,000.

Councils are calling for more powers over the opening of new schools.

This year will see the first co-ordinated allocation of primary school places across England, with emails and letters being sent out with details of where children will be starting school in September.

In Bristol, 94% of children will be allocated one of their three preferences - with 82% getting their first choice.

It means that almost one in five families will miss out on their first choice - even with an extra 230 places having been created.

Moving home
An online poll of 1,051 people by the Netmums parenting website suggested that many parents have been planning and worrying about getting a place for years before children reach school age.

It found that one in six parents had been thinking about primary places before their child's first birthday and more than one in five had moved house to be closer to a school.

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